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Information for Landlords in Warrington - Letcraft
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Information for Landlords in Warrington - Letcraft


In our experience, the three main concerns for all Landlords are:

How do I know my Tenant will pay the rent in full and on time and look after my property?

At Letcraft we always fully reference all Applicants using the most thorough external referencing organisation we have been able to find and we constantly review and monitor their procedures and performance on your behalf. It will always be possible for a Tenants circumstances to change causing them to have difficulty meeting their obligations, but we have found that the more thorough the referencing process the more likely the Tenant is to perform their obligations and be responsible even when they are having problems of their own, and we always work on building close relationships with all of our Tenants whereby we can intervene and advise before problems get out of control.

After the Tenant has paid the rent how long will it take for the agent to pay me?

At Letcraft our aim is to minimise the cost of what we do on behalf of our Landlords, and this includes the cost of collecting and processing rents.

Everything we do is designed to reduce costs for our Landlords so to ensure that we keep our operational costs to a minimum in order to keep our fees as low as possible we operate two different payment systems in parallel.

     1. For Landlords with a small number of properties we aim to make payment to the Landlord about 14 days after receipt
         of the rent each month.

     2. For Landlords with more properties we will agree a number of payment runs each month and assign each property to
         a particular payment run.

We find that in most cases this system not only reduces our overheads but is also well received by Landlords who like to know what to expect and when.

What about any maintenance issues, will I be charged over the odds.

Agents often view repairs and maintenance as another revenue stream and either mark-up contractors invoices before charging the Landlord or have a deal with the Contractor to pay a commission back to the Agent which is already built into his price. Some Agents even go as far as to set up their own maintenance company which will then actively generate maintenance in order to maximise their own profit.

We view this as fundamentally wrong and a clear conflict of interest.

At Letcraft we guarantee that we will work hard on your behalf to ensure that any repairs and maintenance that we carry out on your behalf are necessary, competitively priced and professionally completed, and if you chose we will use your own nominated Contractors.

We will also ensure that when it is the Tenant who is liable to pay for any work needed that the Tenant does get charged accordingly. Our aim is to provide you and your Tenant with a complete and cost effective solution to all issues however and whenever they may arise.

Our ambition is to earn your trust by virtue of your experience of our service.


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